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Winter Weather Warning ~ Safety Tips:
Valuable Safety Tips for all Seasons
In light of lower temperatures and/or snow, it is expected that some people will search for alternative heating sources and/or try to save time by heating up their vehicles while inside and sipping that last bit of coffee or tea…

It is important to spread the word on the dangers of Carbon Monoxide poisoning AND leaving warming vehicles running and unattended.  Read more...

Personal Safety while shopping, in parking lots or in large crowds: 
Always listen to your sixth sense—if something doesn’t seem right—it probably isn’t. 

Be sure not to ignore this and change what you’re doing to keep yourself and loved-one safe, or report any potential suspicious person or circumstance to authorities. ​ Read more...
Holiday Safety Tips:
Don’t Be A Holiday Crime Target 

Tis the season to be jolly and, unfortunately, tis also the season for criminals to take advantage of frolicking folks.  Read more...
Halloween Safety Tips:
Back To School:
Fireworks Safety for the Fourth of July:
Home Burglary Prevention:
Commercial Burglary Prevention:
Vehicle Prowl and Theft Prevention:
Cyber-Safety and Internet Wisdom for children, parents and adults:
Bicycle Safety for Kids:
Garage Sales: Caution with Recalled Products and Don’t Put Yourself in a Vulnerable Spot for Criminals:
Crosswalk Safety For Kids’ Sake!:
Get to School on the Safe Side of the Street.

Reminder that the speed limit in a school zone in Washington state (unless otherwise posted) is 20 MPH, if lights are offered and are flashing—go 20 MPH! Also—be sure you’re stopping for all pedestrians at crosswalks.

With more students than ever walking to school, Safety Sessions would like to offer some pedestrian and bicycle safety tips for your children: Read more...
More than 90 percent of all home burglaries are done during the day-light hours, typically between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.—usually when you’re away at work.

The best way to prevent home burglaries is to get to know your neighbors, so you know who’s who and when they usually come and go. An observant neighbor, who is usually home, is one of the best neighborhood defenses against burglary, since homes are most likely to be burglarized during daytime hours, while you’re away. Read more...
Commercial burglaries are four times more likely to occur than home burglaries, and small businesses are often targeted. Unlike home burglaries, commercial burglaries usually happen after dark. Read more...
Vehicle prowls are the theft of property from a motor vehicle. Most are crimes of opportunity through unlocked doors and open windows where victims usually encounter expensive vehicle damage – especially to their windows, doors and locks.
Prepare You and Your Bicycle for a Safe Ride
You may think that your child is safe because they only ride around the neighborhood, but many serious bicycle crashes happen on quiet neighborhood streets. Read more...
Parents often think their children can handle traffic safety by themselves before they are actually ready. To reduce the likelihood of injury we want children to learn the following.  Read more...
Law enforcement agencies put out a lot of effort in educating youth and their parents on internet, texting and other cyber-bullying type incidents. However, the reality is, many adults themselves aren’t heeding warnings when it comes to sending inappropriate photos and videos or “bullying” others via text, email or social networking websites. At times, these types of incidents turn into criminal level cases.  Read more...
Spring and summer is yard sale season.

Be aware that recalled items commonly show up in garage sales and thrift stores. Whether hosting or visiting a yard sale, follow these safety tips to keep kids safe from recalled items.  Read more...
It’s OK to have a blast on the Fourth of July – as long as you’re safe and abide by the law. 

All fireworks are dangerous, especially to children. Each year there are hundreds of injuries from fireworks in Washington State and nationally. Legal fireworks were responsible for nearly half of all injuries. 

Of the incidents involving legal fireworks, sparklers, which many parents feel safe allowing a child to use, caused 24 percent of the injuries.  Read more..
Don’t Be Spooked: Be Safe on Halloween.

While Halloween is supposed to be scary, parents shouldn’t be afraid to teach their children how to be safer. 

With Halloween being one of the most dangerous days of the year for child pedestrians --- it’s essential for parents to prepare their children properly to stay safe while trick or treating.  Read more...


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