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Safety Courses for 
Home, Work and School
In these different roles I became quite familiar with working on the "other side of the caution tape."

I am also honored to be a former firefighter in the United States Air Force and have a Bachelor's Degree in Communications/Journalism from the University of Washington.

Our expert public safety instructors will provide you life-long knowledge to help protect you, your family, employees, and/or assets. 

*Available Courses:
  • Media Relations- Consulting and training for law enforcement, businesses and organizations to include communities of faith. Learn ways to be pro-active when bad things happen and build a rapport with local media
  • Child safety (learning boundaries)
  • Personal safety for college and beyond-listening to your 6th sense
  • Women's safety
  • Senior safety
  • Individualized Real Estate 
  • Motor Vehicle Emergencies
  • First Aid - CPR and AED
  • Youth-at-risk (foster children, gangs, victims of domestic violence, bullying, substance abuse, etc)
  • Youth/adults with disabilities
  • Crime-Free Multi-Housing- course for landlords, apartment managers and condo board members
  • Asset Protection (residential and business)
  • Safety in the workplace (Robbery & burglary prevention, internal theft, threats of domestic violence)
  • Verbal de-escalation and conflict resolution techniques

* Go to our Safety Programs page for a more detailed explanation of each course.

Welcome, I am Shannon Sessions, the Director of With my diverse background and passion for public safety I started our program in 2010; however, I have been a Crime Prevention Specialist and Public Affairs Officers for law enforcement for nearly a decade.

Previously, I was a reporter/editor-in-charge of a variety of local newspapers in the Puget Sound region in Washington State, where I reported primarily on public safety issues.
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Shannon and Keith Sessions
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Shannon and Keith Sessions

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